Invading the Connecticut River: The Spread of Hydrilla

A mini-documentary about an invasive species called Hydrilla that has spread throughout the Connecticut River. The film was produced in partnership with the nonprofit CT Resource Conservation and Development to educate the general public and local legislators about the scope of the Hydrilla problem in Connecticut.

The film was screened at the Lower CT River Valley Council of Governments in conjunction with a new bill, CT HB05626, which proposes a management plan to eradicate Hydrilla from the state waterways.

It is currently being showcased at the CT River Museum from February 23 – September 6 2021.

Click here to see Trailer.

Crosscourt Cultures: The Joseph Oyebog Story

Former number one tennis player of Cameroon, Joseph Oyebog, is transforming his home country through the sport of tennis. He teaches tennis lessons in Fairfield County during the summer months and then travels back to Cameroon for the second half of the year. He is building bridges between West Africa and Connecticut but is torn between raising his own children here in the U.S. and building his tennis academy back home.

Screened at the NYU Film Festival in 2020 and will be broadcasted on NYC Media, CH 25 New York Spectrum. March 19, 2021 @ 11:30pm.

Click here to see Trailer.

Centro de Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco

A zero budget documentary I produced back in 2015 for the non-profit Center of Traditional Textiles when I was living in Cusco, Peru. It highlights the center’s mission to rescue and preserve traditional weaving in Peru.